Who should be baptized?

Christians are people who believe the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, on the cross, and His resurrection from death provides the sole basis for the forgiveness of sin.  Therefore, we believe salvation occurs only when a person places his or her faith in the death and resurrection of Christ as the sufficient payment for his or her sin.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you are ready to be baptized.  Just like a bride and groom show others their love for one another by wearing wedding bands, baptism is your opportunity to show others you have accepted Christ and are now walking with Him.

How can I sign up to be baptized?

Baptisms are scheduled nearly every week at Green Street Baptist Church.  You may call the Senior Pastor’s Office at 336-819-4346 to talk to someone about baptism or any respective pastor or the Preschool or Children’s Directors.  As an alternative, to begin the process for being baptized, you may complete the baptism registration form below or fill out a communication card on Sunday morning and drop it in the offering plate.

Getting ready for the day

Since we practice baptism by immersion, wear dark colored clothing you do not mind getting wet.  Typically, people were dark shorts and a dark t-shirt although some may choose to wear pants.  We also provide a Green Street Baptist t-shirt, if you’d like to use that. You may want to bring sandals or flip-flops to wear as you walk around. Changing facilities will be available for you to use.  Also, don’t forget to invite your family and friends to join the celebration and be a part of this special day!

Checklist of things to bring

___ Dark t-shirt and dark shorts (we provide a Green Street t-shirt, if you prefer)
___ Change of clothes
___ Large towel (for drying off)
___ Flip-flops
___ Pony tail holder (if you have long hair)
___ Toiletries or other personal items (for after the baptism)


Baptism is...

1. A sign of identification: Baptism is a public declaration of what Jesus Christ has done on the inside of a person.  It is making a public, visible statement to the world saying, “I’m following Jesus Christ and I want everyone to know.”  Acts 8:36-39

2. Symbolic of death and resurrection: I have died to my old life (going under the water) and I am alive to new life in Christ (coming up out of the water).  It is symbolic or a picture of what took place at the time of your salvation. Romans 6:4-5

3. Representative of a cleansing: Baptism represents the washing away of your sin, which took place at the time of your salvation. 1 Peter 3:21-22

4. An important step of obedience to Scripture: In the Bible, as people came to faith in Christ they were baptized.  That sequence of events is the same throughout the Scriptures: first people profess faith in Jesus Christ, and then they are baptized.  It is called believer’s baptism because it is a baptism which happens after a belief in Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:19-201 John 2:3

What about infants?

In some denominations, infant christening represents a decision made by parents as an act of dedication of their child to Christ.  In many ways, that is the same reason we do Parent Commissioning at Green Street Baptist Church.  It is a very important time for parents to commit to raise their children in accordance with the teachings of Scripture.  It is also important to remember whether you were christened as a baby or your parents participated in a baby dedication, neither of these steps make you a Christian.  Only a personal acceptance of Christ’s death on the cross for your sins can do that.  While we recognize the right of other churches to practice infant christening, we understand Scripture to teach only professing believers qualify for baptism.

Baptism is not….

  • A part of or required for salvation. (Consider Luke 23:40-43, the criminal on the cross next to Jesus).
  • Something anyone else can do for you.
  • About becoming or being a certain age.
  • About rededication, recommitting, or marking a new level of understanding.
  • About an emotion or feeling.