Keys to Knowing God's Will

by Brandon Ware

Do you want to know the will of God for life, and do the will of God in life?

You may feel overwhelmed by the thought. If so, you can be encouraged by the fact that the people who are mentioned in this first chapter of Acts were men and women just like us. They were broken, imperfect, and weak—but they trusted in the Lord Jesus. And in just a few more days, once the Spirit came, they would supplied with all the power they would need to do the will of God.

“Many Christians spend inordinate amounts of time and energy trying to find out God’s concealed will while ignoring so much of His revealed will. Doesn’t it make sense that He would want us to give first priority and attention to the stuff He has revealed in the pages of Scripture? Why should He tell us where we should go to college or whom we’re supposed to marry if we’re not at all interested in making disciples or living holy lives?”  -- Jim Shaddix

As a general rule, these four keys are essential to knowing and doing the will of God—community, prayer, Scripture, and faith. Ask yourself some questions:

Am I in close fellowship with my brothers and sisters?
God has saved us, not so we can be isolated from others, but so we can have true gospel fellowship with one another.

Have I sought God through prayer?
In seeking to know the will of God, I know of no more important a thing that you can do than to ask another believer to join you in united prayer over a matter.

Do I spend time with God in His Word?
The primary place we can find God’s will is in the pages of the Bible. The will of God is revealed in the Word of God.
Will I trust God to guide me as I make a decision?

When we read Acts, we discover that the people God chooses to empower are not perfect, and the plan God chooses to employ is not complicated. The fact that it is not complicated doesn’t mean it is easy. The will of God may be hard and require difficult decisions, but you can trust God to lead you each step of the way. God guides us as we make decisions.

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