Serving and Growing Together

by Stephanie Shelby

As I heard about the Mission Trip to Annapolis, Maryland to serve with Elevate Church, and I recognized the great need to serve, I prayed and asked the Lord for guidance... He said “Yes,” I was to go. The experience took me to a place of uncertainty and new friendships.  As I kept the conversation going on the drive to Maryland help keep Kendra awake, I learned that parts of our life stories were so similar.  It was such an encouragement to me and made our bond stronger.

It was wonderful to grow closer together as a team with all our team members, the church, the family of Jesus Christ.

As we worked together, we began to learn what our hosts, Steve and Wendy Poole, were in most need of so we got right to work.  Our projects included making snowcones for kids at the pool, being a part of Wednesday Night Bible study, trash pick-up in the neighborhood, prayer walking, singing at the nursing home and ending with the big Block Party. 

Before each day began, we met together, prayed and shared a bit.  

Again, for me, as I began to share with Wendy, I learned we had some very similar situations going on in our lives and we were able to encourage each other.  It was so good for us, as a team and in the family of God, to see how He draws our lives together.

This trip was not just a ministry reaching out to the Annapolis community; it was also an encouragement to our church body!  

What God calls us to do, He will enable.  Serving side by side with others is a great faith builder.

I would encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, and allow God to strengthen you as well as the ones you are there to serve. This could mean going on a mission trip, going across the street, serving in an area of ministry inside the church walls or outside of them. 

Pray with us as we serve together and reach out, in truth and love, locally, nationally and globally.

(Stephanie Shelby, Children's Ministry Volunteer and Mission Team Member)

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