Serving Workers Inspires Giving

by Eric and Arland

As you read the words below from Mission Team members, they hope you'll see how serving workers has led them to give -- to give of themselves and to give to the Lottie Moon Global Missions Offering.

The trip to Southeast Asia, last summer, was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

I had been on a few short term mission trips, but not to the extent of this amazing trip. The long hours on the plane going and coming home were exhausting, but well worth the effort in terms of serving these obedient workers which led to being so blessed.  The annual conference for workers was held in a tourist resort where workers were able to fellowship together, conduct meetings and worship freely.  Most of them live in countries where this is not possible which is one reason why security is necessary at these conferences.

My involvement, as a volunteer, was in the area of security, which gave me a lot of interaction with the families--that involvement was the highlight of the trip.  I was able to talk with the families at meals and other times throughout the day.  Seeing and hearing about their experiences on the field, and knowing the sacrifice that these families are making for the Kingdom of God was without a doubt the greatest experience of the entire trip and it drives me to encourage you to pray and give as you can to the Lottie Moon Global Missions Christmas Offering. I look forward to going to other countries and becoming more involved.  My experience in Southeast Asia is one that I will remember the rest of my life.

Please continue praying for workers around the world and all those who need to hear and receive the gospel.

-- Arland
The trip to Southeast Asia was truly a rewarding experience.  I was able to see and hear, first-hand, what God is doing in far-away lands and how He is reaching His people. We had the opportunity to interact with people living in the field with their families so we were able to hear truly inspiring stories of what these people are doing to reach unreached peoples.

These workers have given up life at home and have answered God’s calling to spread God’s word to the nations.  It was an honor to serve them and an encouragement to reach my neighbors at home.  

It was a truly wonderful and rewarding experience, and I cannot wait to serve again!


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