This Jesus

by Meredith Snoddy

This Jesus.

In the Bible, in the book/chapter of Acts 2, Peter reminded those who had been there, witnessing both Jesus being crucified and being raised from the dead, “This Jesus God raised up, and of that we all are witnesses.” This Jesus. 

Oh, I love to say His name. I keep going back to the phrase, this Jesus.

This Jesus who is not up on a mountain unattainable yet IS the God of ALL Creation and who listens as we pray. This Jesus who meets us where we are. This Jesus who came to make a way for our salvation, who sets us free, who gives us life today and forevermore. This Jesus who never leaves us. This Jesus who is up close and personal. This Jesus who wants us to be honest and real with Him. This Jesus who makes the darkness flee, who drives out fear. This Jesus who bridges the gap and heals the wounds and fills the hole in our soul with joy and purpose. This Jesus whom we are witnesses. No, we weren’t there like those in Acts who saw firsthand,  but we are here today witnessing this Jesus through the Holy Spirit. 

This Jesus I want for people. This Jesus I want for the church. This Jesus who is jealous for us. Not ceremonial religion. Not a list of dos and donts. This Jesus. Oh, this Jesus is more than enough. Add nothing yet This Jesus is everything.

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