What to Do When People Say Yes

by Quentin Self

What to Do when People say Yes When You Invite Them to Church

We are continuing to pray for all those affected by the hurricane and for those helping. Why then post about Welcome Home Sunday? Because we pray and hope for everyone to hear the gospel.

So you've mustered up the courage to invite someone to Welcome Home Sunday. Awesome! You did not think they would actually say yes. But. Surprise, surprise! They said "Yes!" 

Now what?

Here are some tips for what to do when people actually say "Yes!" to your invitation: 

Tip 1: Plan a time and a place to meet them on Green Street's campus. Our campus is really big and confusing to new people. So, tell them exactly when and where you'll meet them. The parking lots are now labeled to help as are the parking lot entrances.

Tip 2: If they have kids, help them find the preschool, children, or students area(s), and get their kids checked in. 

Tip 3: Walk with them to your Connection Class, introduce them to at least one other person.

Tip 4: Walk with them to the Worship Service and sit with them! It's pretty intimidating to walk into a big room full of people you don't know. So show them the way! 

Tip 5: Invite them to lunch. You will have already had donuts for your appetizer, but Krispy Kreme's, though delicious, are not all that filling. 

Welcome Home Sunday is a great opportunity for disciple-making. Every Sunday, we proclaim the gospel in a variety of ways (preaching, singing, Connection lessons, and more). So, help somebody hear the gospel through a simple invitation to church this Sunday, September 8th for Welcome Home Sunday. 

Blessings as you make disciples and continue praying. 

Your Disciple-Making Pastor, 
Quentin Self

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