UPDATED NEEDS (June 5, 2020):

How can we help?
Reach out to people. Listen. Share. Show Kindness. Give. Pray.

A list of needs and ways to help or give to "helping" ministries is available below. As well, there is STILL a critical need for blood so, give, if you can.

Every Ministry is hurting for operational dollars to remain functional.
The needs list and links to give remain below.

1. BACK PACK MINISTRY has completed the 2020 school year at Oak Hill Elementary and are thankful for the contributions received. God provided. 

2. NEW LIFE FAMILY OUTREACH appreciates the diaper (sizes 4-6) and wipe donations because they are truly needed. There’s also a need for operational monetary donations.

New Life Family Outreach provides Christ-centered mentoring, practical support, and prayer for those experiencing challenges related to pregnancy, abortion, or abuse. You can ship the diapers and wipes directly to 416 Gatewood Avenue, High Point 27262, drop them in their breeze way or you can, instead, donate to them directly by clicking here

3. OPEN DOOR MINISTRY appreciates your gifts to them for both the Food Bank and Men’s Shelter. The Food Pantry needed goods list (below) remains the same. There’s also a need for operational monetary donations.

  • Cereal
  • Canned Green Beans, Corn, Peas
  • Canned Pasta-type Meals such as Ravioli, Spaghetti, etc.
  • Chunky-style Soups
  • Oatmeal
  • Toilet Paper

Open Door Ministries provides a Men's Homeless Shelter, Food Pantry and also provides Daily Meals (to-go boxes now) for those in need as well as other ongoing programs and services. Give online by clicking hereYou can drop off the Food Pantry goods at Open Door, M-F 9am-5pm.

4. WEST END MINISTRIES & LESLIE'S HOUSE WOMEN'S SHELTER appreciates your gifts to them for both the Food Bank and Women’s Shelter. The needed goods list remains the same. There’s also a need for operational monetary donations.

Their current needs for the West End Food Pantry (drop off M-F 9am-4pm) and Leslie's House (drop off M-F 9am-6pm, any day):

  • Click here for their Amazon Wish List of needed items
  • Or, instead, you can also donate to them online by clicking here. They are in need of donations.
  • Also, they need volunteers to "staff" the food pantry and give out food during food pantry dates and during their Thursday meal time.

West End Ministries provides a Women's Homeless-transitional Shelter Program (Leslie's House), a Women's Emergency Winter Shelter (open Dec. 1 - Apr. 1), Food Pantry, Feeding on Thursday night (to-go boxes now), and more. 

5. The AMERICAN RED CROSS are taking available precautions and there is a great need for blood. You can sign up to give (make an appointment) by clicking here.

6. IF THERE ARE OTHER FOOD NEEDS, of which we are aware, they are being met by Della Culler Benevolence Fund donations.

7. FEEDING THE HELPERS UPDATE: As of Thursday, April 30, we’ve fed MANY meals to helpers, but it’s more than food. It’s comfort and encouragement to exhale, to know they’re remembered and prayed for by their neighbors, us. Thank you for your donations which enabled us to feed EMT bases near the church, all shifts of the three Fire Stations who’d respond to the church if necessary, all of the High Point Police, Asheboro Police, Fairgrove Fire Stations Thomasville, two Cone nurse stations and the Emergency Department at High Point Regional (Green Street and HPCA family serve as helpers in many of these locations).

Last, we wanted to provide a link should you or someone you know need food. Click here for the Greater High Point Food Resources listing or here for the High Point Food Alliance. And, as always, please contact us if we can help. Click here to submit a prayer request or email us.

As Pastor Brandon shared with our church family, through email, 

Ministry doesn’t stop in times of crisis. If anything, crisis only amplifies ministry and gives us more opportunity. Those opportunities include providing meals, picking up groceries for the elderly, checking on people by phone call or giving to our ministry partners.

During a webinar training, I heard the term "missional listening." Listening is absolutely missional so practice good listening, with Christ's ears, during this time of crisis and bear witness to someone's anxiety, concerns, fears or pain. Times of perceived crisis can trigger prior trauma or unrealized fears so gently encourage, love, show grace to others and to yourself. People who feel heard are often more open to Jesus. Look for opportunities that He is providing.

We are joining you in prayer and in reaching out to our family, friends and neighbors through phone calls and messages. Pray for leaders; medical personnel; the sick and vulnerable; first responders; teachers and students; grocery store, gas station, pharmacy, restaurant workers; all helping; all with fears and needs; all who don't know Jesus.  

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