During the month of July, consider how you can help equip a child in our adopted schools with the gift of school supplies. See below for the specific list of needs. Collection bins are located at our entrances.

#2 Pencils  |  Glue Sticks  |  Pens   (red & blue)  |  Index Cards  |  Washable Markers  |  Book Backpack  (no wheels) Highlighters  (pink or yellow)  |  Page Dividers  |  Colored Pencils  |  Pencil Box  |  Child/Student Scissors  |  Zipper Pencil Pouch  |  1inch 3 ring Binder (w/plastic cover)  |  Baby Wipes or Wet Ones  |  Zipper Binder  (3 Ring)  |  Hand Sanitizer   Single Subject Notebook (wide rule)  |  Hand Soap  |  Notebook Paper (wide rule)  |  Kleenex  (need a lot!)  |  Marble Composition Book  |  Paper Plates  (no styrofoam)  |  Writing Journal  |   Paper Cups  (bathroom size)  |  Folders  w/pockets  (blue, green, red, yellow & purple)  |   Ziploc bags  (gallon & quart)