Connect [kuh-‘nekt] (v.) to place or establish in relationship

The Christ-centered life is to be lived out in community as we CONNECT in a small group with God, other believers and those seeking. It is there you will be able to study the Bible and get to know others who are striving to live out their faith on a daily basis. We have on-going small groups called Connection Class Brochure (Small Group Bible Study) traditionally known as Sunday School classes, for every age at every stage of life. These classes meet Sunday mornings at either 9am or 10:30am.

In addition to Sunday morning Connection Classes (small group Bible Study), we offer:

Women’s Bible Study on Tuesdays (9:30am, 3:30pm, 6:30pm and Online). (click for info) which typically begin on a semester-type basis in the fall and winter.

Men’s Bible Study on Thursday mornings & evenings (6:30am & 6:30pm) (click for info) which typically begin on a semester-type basis in the fall and winter.

Questions? Contact or 336-819-4354.

Pastor Brandon has suggested daily Bible Reading Plans for 2016
(find the full post by visiting his blog)

Pastor Brandon is personally using this devotional and reading plan. He has provided a link where you can download a free PDF file of Dr. D.A. Carson’s book (vol.1): For the Love of God to accompany the M’Cheyne Bible Reading plan for 2016. Visit the online store where you can purchase either a paperback copy or a Kindle version. You can follow the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan without the book, if you prefer.  Robert Murray M’Cheyne was a 19th century pastor and preacher who lived in Scotland.  Among his legacy is this well-known plan for reading the Bible.  His plan takes the reader through the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice per year.

Here are a variety of other reading plans that you can check out and use at your convenience:

F260 Reading Plan by Replicate Ministries

Developed by Robby Gallaty, this reading plan is called the Foundational 260. The F-260 is a two hundred and sixty day reading plan that highlights the foundational passages of Scripture that every disciple should know.  This is a very manageable plan that believers who have never read through the Bible can complete.

ESV Daily Reading Plan

This plan includes daily Bible reading passages from the Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms.

ESV Study Bible Reading Plan

This plan includes daily readings from all the various types of literature in the Bible, daily Psalms or Wisdom Literature; the Pentateuch or the History of Israel; Chronicles or Prophets; and the Gospels or Epistles.

Outreach New Testament Plan

This plan is a daily reading plan that will take a person through the New Testament in six months.