[‘sher] (v.) a: to partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others, b : to have in common

Ultimately our aim is to glorify the Lord when we SHARE in the vision and mission of the local church as it seeks to fulfill God’s purpose on this earth. In fact, this is the mark of someone who is growing into a fully developed follower of Christ. That mainly means we are to live out the Gospel in our everyday lives so others might come to understand who God really is. It has been said we are the hands and feet of Jesus. We like to think we are not only His hands and feet, but the voice of Jesus in our community and around the world letting people know how much God loves them and desires to invite them into a relationship.

Our Acts 1:8 Strategy compels us to be actively involved in our local community both directly and through partnerships which allow us to serve in many different ways. You will find those attending Green Street involved in such projects as feeding the homeless and less fortunate, landscaping a local elementary school, providing winter coats to children from low income families, repairing a senior adult’s roof, hosting a cook-out at a multi-cultural apartment complex, or tutoring all for the purpose of “sharing” the love of God with the world. When others see Jesus in us we pray they might come to know Jesus through us.

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