We purpose to glorify God by making disciples of all nations.

1. We purpose to glorify God
The purpose of God in the world is to bring glory to Himself; we exist for His glory which means He does not exist for ours. We believe the purpose that God has established for His church to glorify God by being conformed to the image of Christ. Following Jesus Christ and becoming like Him is God’s desire for every local church.

2. By making disciples
A disciple-making church prioritizes evangelism and discipleship. We understand that the Great Commission is not a suggestion. Rather, it is a command from Jesus. The church has been commissioned by Jesus to participate in His mission of reaching people for Christ, baptizing new believers, and teaching them to obey His commands. This means that we careful to keep our core values central to all that we do.

GSBC Core Values

Divine Dependence - We rely on God’s power rather than our own wisdom. We do this through worship, prayer, and faithful obedience to Scripture.

Personal Evangelism - We want to be disciples who share the gospel with those around us through daily life.

Biblical Instruction - We focus on teaching people to obey all that Jesus has commanded us in His Word. We do this through expository preaching and 
gospel-centered small group ministry.

Authentic Community - We focus on being a faith family that loves one another and shares common life together. Such relationships reflect the gospel’s power by uniting different people in Christ.

Selfless Service - We value people over programs and others over self. This means we prioritize relationships and model generosity by using our gifts to build up the body of Christ.

Global Mission - We actively seek to engage others with the gospel both in High Point, the greater Triad, and all nations.

The question we must constantly ask ourselves as a local church is this: “How can we most effectively make disciples here in the Triad and of all nations?” Therefore, we understand the importance of an intentional strategy to make disciples. To be intentional means that we do not leave it up to chance. Sometimes, a picture is helpful in communicating an idea. Our strategy for disciple-making is reflected in this simple visual illustration:

We make disciples by regularly sharing the gospel and baptizing new believers.

We mature disciples through small groups and gospel-centered instruction.

We minister as disciples because maturity comes through service.

We multiply disciples through active mission in the world.

3. Of all nations
The Great Commission begins in our local neighborhood, but it doesn’t end there. It is clear that Jesus commanded His disciples to take the gospel and make disciples of all nations. The gospel is a global gospel. Therefore, we are not content to spend all of our energy and resources on ourselves. Rather, we desire to use our time, talents, and treasures to spread the gospel and make disciples among the nations.