Our purpose is to glorify God by making disciples of all nations.

1.  Our purpose is to glorify God

The purpose of God in the world is to bring glory to Himself; we exist for His glory which means He does not exist for ours.  We believe the purpose that God has established for His church is to glorify God by being conformed to the image of Christ.  Following Jesus Christ and becoming like Him is God’s desire for every local church.

2.  By making disciples

A disciple-making church prioritizes evangelism and discipleship. We understand that the Great Commission is not a suggestion.  Rather, it is a command from Jesus.  The church has been commissioned by Jesus to participate in His mission of reaching people for Christ, baptizing new believers, and teaching them to obey His commands.  This means that we careful to keep our core values central to all that we do:

Our Core Values

•    We believe in corporate prayer because without the Holy Spirit’s power we cannot accomplish God’s mission. 
•    We believe in biblical teaching because lives change when people encounter the living Christ in the living Word.  
•    We believe in personal evangelism because God works through individual believers to bring the gospel to the lost. 
•    We believe in intentional discipleship because disciples grow in the context of relationship.  
•    We believe in gospel-driven ministry because the gospel compels us to compassionate action. 
•    We believe in global mission because God loves the nations and Christ commands us to reach the nations. 

The question we must constantly ask ourselves as a local church is this: “How can we most effectively make disciples here in the Triad and of all nations?” Therefore, we understand the importance of an intentional strategy to make disciples.  To be intentional means that we do not leave it up to chance. 

3.  Of all nations

The Great Commission begins in our local neighborhood, but it doesn’t end there.  It is clear that Jesus commanded His disciples to take the gospel and make disciples of all nations.  The gospel is a global gospel.  Therefore, we are not content to spend all of our energy and resources on ourselves.  Rather, we desire to use our time, talents, and treasures to spread the gospel and make disciples among the nations.

The Four Spheres
A Disciple-Making Strategy for the Local Church

What is "The Four Spheres"?  A strategy for equipping and mobilizing the members of a local church to participate in Jesus' movement of disicple-making.

What are "The Four Spheres"?


God is glorified through: Christians participate by:
  • Biblical preaching
  • Gospel-centered music and
  • Corporate prayer
  • Lord's Supper and baptism
  • Attending and engaging in worship
  • Serving during worship times

 Sphere 2: GROW IN A GROUP

God is glorified through: Christians participate by:
  • Studying and obeying God’s Word
  • Bearing burdens with prayer and care
  • Accountability in personal holiness and
  • Regularly attending group gatherings
  • Faithfully serving fellow group members

Sphere 3: MULTIPLY

God is glorified through: Christians participate by:
  • People far from God hearing the gospel
  • Believers being discipled to obey Jesus
  • Building relationships with people far from God
  • Gospel conversations
  • Discipling others to obey Jesus


God is glorified through: Christians participate by:
  • Going to make disciples in every
    Acts 1:8 context.
  • Partnering with global disciple-makers through:
    prayer, presence, finances
  • Praying for God’s work among the nations
  • Giving to support God’s work among the nations
  • Going to join God’s work among the nations