I'm New

Our goal is to encourage children to get acquainted with the other children the Lord has entrusted us with here at Green Street! You won’t feel like you’re the new kid on the street for long, here at Green Street. We have many children who attend elementary schools all over the region so your child will be likely to find a friend quickly and our small group leaders will be excited to welcome them.

The Children's Ministry welcomes all children. If your child has special needs or allergies, please communicate with our Children's Director, Kendra Joyner, ahead of time.


Finding Us

When you drive on campus there are several entrances. The easiest way to get to the Children’s Area is to enter the Welcome Center, through the courtyard. UpStreet Children's area (1st through 5th grade) is immediately located to the left of the Welcome desk. We look forward to seeing you here! Click here for campus maps and other helps.


Life Groups

Our UpStreet Children's Desk is where you begin by getting a name tag and a parent tag, as you sign in with one of our Desk Volunteers. They will notify you of where to reconnect with your children at the end of the hour. If somehow you miss it, one of our Welcome Team Volunteers will be happy to lead you there. At the UpStreet Desk, one of our volunteers will assign your child to their Life Group and personally introduce you and your children. The children’s schedule normally begins with a large group worship time for the first 15 minutes of the Life Group hour. They will then move into a small group setting where they learn age appropriate biblical truths together with children their age. 

Safety & Security

All of our Green Street Children’s Volunteers and Team Members have gone through a background check. Every Life Group classroom door has a window and children’s Life Group volunteers serve as teams of two or more in each classroom. Also, members of our Church Safety Team walk the halls and visit rooms. For added security, we have hired members of the High Point Police Department to remain on our campus during a variety of our gatherings.

Annual Events

Family Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Camp and FamilyFest



Kendra Joyner

Kendra Joyner

Children's Ministry Director
Jeanne Oweis

Jeanne Oweis

Missions Coordinator, Preschool & Children's Assistant