Grandma I Need Your Prayers

Grandma I Need Your Prayers

Praying God’s Blessings on Your Grandchildren

Whether they live a continent away or just down the street, your grandchildren need your prayers. By praying for them regularly, you can have an enormous influence on their spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Even children who are reared in a Christian home need someone to pray for them, and who can do it better than a grandma?

Grandma, I Need Your Prayers is an easy-to-use guide for prayer that will encourage you with practical help and motivate you with wonderful stories of answered prayers. It will show you how to pray strategically and specifically for grandchildren of any age.

Topics include praying for:

Their homes, Their friends, Their safety, Their schools, Their character development, Their relationship with God, Prodigal grandchildren, Unborn grandchildren. . . and more.

Each chapter contains Bible passages and prayers related to the topic of the chapter so that you can begin praying for the needs of those you love. This book will help you give your grandchildren one of the most precious gifts they will ever receive--the legacy of a praying grandmother.