Discipleship in a Digital Age

I am so glad that you all are joining me tonight for this four part series that I have given the title, “Discipleship In a Digital Age.”  Over the next few weeks, I want us to take a serious look at how our faith should impact our online habits and use of technology. With the rise of the digital age, the church has not done a great job discipling people on how their faith intersects with technology use.  The gospel impacts every area of our lives.  It isn’t simply limited to our eternity.  There is an application to tech use. Digital devices are neutral—neither good nor bad.  They can be used for good and helpful purposes.  They can also be used for sinful purposes. Digital technology is neither intrinsically good, nor is it inherently evil. It can and must be used in ways that honor and glorify God and serve those who are made in His image…

Information in a Digital Generation

Intentional Living in a Digital World

The Danger of Digital Distraction

Life in the Digital Age