During both of our worship services on Sunday mornings, we begin or continue the Bible study that is taught in our Life Groups (9:45am) through Extended Teaching (11:00am). While the same Bible story and Bible verses are taught during this time, the activities are unique so that meaningful learning will be achieved for both the child who is here both hours and those that arrive for one session only.

Parents of preschoolers are expected to volunteer in one or more of the preschool ministry areas on a regular basis, except in extenuating circumstances.


ETC classes meet every Sunday at 11:00am year round.  Volunteers in this ministry may choose to work once a month, twice a month, or every week.  ETC positions require a criminal background check.


Background check forms are required for anyone working with preschoolers. The forms have to be renewed every three years. Preschool Ministry includes birth through kindergarten.

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