We believe that parents have the primary responsibility for the spiritual nurturing of their children and that it is the responsibility of the church to assist them in this task. Life Groups are where we begin our task by laying a solid foundation for preschoolers to learn the basics of our faith.


Life Groups are the primary Bible teaching tool that we use to help our preschoolers learn essential facts in each of our subject areas, such as: God loves me and cares for me; Jesus grew and had a family; and the stories in the Bible are real.  We use a combination of Bible learning centers and  group time to convey our message each week.


Life Groups meet weekly at 9:00am on Sundays year round. Teaching/volunteer positions require a criminal background check.


Background check forms are required for anyone working with preschoolers. The forms have to be renewed every three years. Preschool Ministry includes birth through kindergarten. 


Contact Diane Akins  |  Diane@greenstreet.org  |  336-821-3209